Bringing digital experiences to the physical world

Verbate helps businesses connect with their customers with a simple tap or scan.

Smart signage helps you share information

Draw attention to your message

Verbate's tech gives you the power to share information with your customer, exactly when they need to know it.

Just tap or scan

Our solutions. are fully contactless and use NFC technology and QR Codes to connect your customer to your custom digital experience. No app required, no touching required.

A custom, digital experience

We believe that you shouldn’t need to invest hours learning how to build a website to have a digital experience. Verbate’s platform is custom-built for each business, so it’s remarkably easy to update.

You've got a business to run. Let us do the hard parts.

We help you choose the right Smart Signage

You can choose from one of our proven templates or work with us to build a custom Smart Sign for your needs.

Verbate builds the full digital experience

Whether it’s displaying general information, a menu of items, or a set of instructions, we build the digital experience that your business needs.

Update your Smart Signage as your needs change

We’ll give you an easy-to-use form that mirrors your digital experience. Enter the new information, submit the form, and the digital experience updates. It’s that easy. 

Verbate smart signage is made for you.

We  create everything from the physical assets to the digital experience they drive to.


Stop spending money on endless pamphlets, brochures, and booklets. Verbate’s digital experiences allow you to drive engagement with social media, generate online leads, and change the way customers view your brand.

Flexible Design

Need one design, but different digital experiences? Need the opposite of that? No problem. We custom design the physical and digital experience for each business we work with.

Easy Launch

As you prepare to launch your campaign or business, Verbate will deliver tested, ready-for-launch physical assets, reducing the time you need to spend to get your campaign live. No complicated activation process or installation needed.

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