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Verbate helps companies define, activate, and demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

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Verbate gives everyone on your team a way to be involved in your CSR efforts.

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Leadership can define & activate your CSR strategy in one central place
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Employees can take part in impact efforts, track company success, and engage with content
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Customers & Recruits can appreciate your strategy and compare your CSR efforts to other companies
How does Verbate work?
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Define your strategy

Frameworks that work for companies of all sizes

Verbate’s easy-to-understand CSR framework helps your team define your existing efforts, understand areas of opportunity, and find the resources necessary for success.
Read our "What is CSR?" Guide
Business Ethics
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Activate your efforts

Authentic ways to bring your strategy to life

Verbate’s platform seamlessly integrates our partners, networks, and experiences into the relevant pieces of your CSR strategy.

Demonstrate your impact

Be the example for your industry

Verbate’s reports, public-facing pages, and integrations help you share your corporate social responsibility efforts to those who appreciate it the most.

Give your team the CSR tools it needs.

Let Verbate help you define, activate & demonstrate your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

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