Digitally transform your
in-person experience.

Verbate connects your physical and digital worlds by helping businesses develop all aspects of an interactive, contactless experience.

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Create your businesses'
physical-to-digital experience.

From campaign ideation to performance measurement, we help businesses bring their own contactless experiences to life.

Campaign Design & Innovation

Once we learn your goal or challenge, we'll help you identify the opportunities where you could implement and benefit from an interactive experience.

Physical Assets

Using professionally-designed templates, we'll help you develop, produce and deliver NFC and QR code enabled physical assets.

Digital Experience

Our technology gives you a custom, mobile-optimized experience that perfectly meets the moment. No coding or design experience needed.

Content Management & Analytics

Your content will be intelligently mapped across your various physical & digital experiences. Throughout your campaign, we'll help you track results and tests.

Campaign concepts

Need some inspiration?

Here are some examples of how clients have used Verbate to develop their own custom experiences.

Self-Guided Art Walk

Verbate signs live in front of each piece of art, driving to a mobile experience that details the artist's bio and important links. On every block, A-Frame signs drive to a guide, detailing all of the artists one could see nearby.

Doctor's Office Waiting Room

As a patient enters a doctor's office, a sign at the front counter educates on a wide array of information, from what to expect during their visit to how they should check in. Within the waiting room itself, another sign gives patients quick access to PDF-based guides they can read or email to themselves.

Driving Donations

"Tap to Donate" portals can activate charity donations in a variety of ways. Each sign's digital experience can highlight the story of a person from the area, giving the donor a more personal connection to the cause. For those who want to follow the cause, an email address or phone number can be captured.

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