Fueling the Future of Culture

Verbate is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) platform that gives culture leaders the tools they need to be successful.

Verbate makes the hard parts of running ERGs not-so-hard anymore.

Leadership Ladder
Employees can engage with all ERGs in one place.
(read: joining and participating is way easier than hoping teammates find your Slack channel)
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Team Icon
Integrated workflows for planning, budgeting, and reporting.
(read: no more "how do I use Asana?" or "who do I talk to in finance?" or "what data should I include?")
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Customers & Recruits Icon
Quickly discover ways to connect to your community.
(read: Verbate help you meet ERGs at other companies, relevant nonprofits, and knowledge resources)
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Verbate's Activate Experience, where you can choose from their different integrations.
Discovery & engagement

Finding your people shouldn't be so hard, so we made it easier.

  • Easily discover and learn about the ERGs at your company
  • Participate in events, discover Slack/Teams channels, and meet your teammates
  • Track your ERG's impact by centralizing all of your goals, efforts, and plans for the year
Integrated workflows

We integrated planning, budgeting, and reporting so you can spend less time on logistics.

Verbate's Activate Experience, where you can choose from their different integrations.
Show your work

Having impact is the hard part - showing it shouldn't be a chore.

ERG Leads used to spend hours per month creating reports, building hand-off documents, and searching through endless Google Docs. Now they don't need to.

Verbate integrates reporting directly into your day-to-day efforts.

  • Goals can be easily defined, tracked, and measured. Different ERGs can even collaborate, mapping their individual activities to the same goal.
  • Meeting minutes, educational materials, and event reports are centralized for easy ERG Lead transitions
  • Budgets for ad hoc events can be requested, tracked, and reported on separately from standard efforts.

Give your team the ERG tool it needs.

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