We're helping companies put community at the center of their employee experience.

Our story

Verbate founders Anisha Nandi and Armen Nercesian have always put workplace culture at the center of their careers.

While working within both corporate and tech companies alike, Anisha and Armen realized how impactful their employee-based communities had become. As their teams went hybrid, these communities became the new centerpiece of their employee experience - providing connection, mentorship, education, and so much more.

But, the job of running these communities was time intensive, and there were no tools or systems to make it easier, let alone consistent. Every company - big and small - asked the same question: how can we manage and grow these communities, so they can fuel the best employee experience for our team?

So, they got to work building Verbate - the tool they wished their employee communities had.

Our core values

Empowerment via Education
We must learn together. Nobody has all the answers, but collectively we can uncover them.
Community via Connection
We're more connected, yet alone, than ever. Community happens intentionally via connection and conversation.
Team organizing content.
Inclusivity via Institution
Progress doesn't happen overnight, it happens in the daylight.

Our Team

Anisha Nandi
Co-Founder, CEO
Anisha spent a decade building digital newsrooms with resilient cultures at the center. As a Trinidadian-Indian woman born in England and raised in NY, she knows the power of being able to create spaces for your whole self.
Armen Nercesian
Co-Founder, COO
Armen is a Product, Growth, and Biz Dev leader who leads Verbate's product and ops efforts. After launching new lines of business and leading Growth efforts at NY Fintech Betterment, Armen is building Verbate to make community-driven culture efforts easier.

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