Brooklyn Community Fridges

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Brooklyn , New York
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Organization Mission

BK Community Fridges came to be in the Summer of 2020, where a group of organizers and community members came together to solve our people's most immediate needs. With the Covid-19 pandemic showcasing how truly unsupported the people of Brooklyn are by their local government we decided to address an issue close to us all, food disparity. Food disparity is the lack of consistent access to enough food for an active and healthy life. When we found ourselves protesting for the lives of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Botham Jean among dozens more, we recognized not only was the list of names continuous but we needed to start at the nucleus of our communities. Without sustenance, how can we fight our oppressors and establishments that seek to displace and erase us? BK Community Fridges was created as a direct action to combat white supremacy in our neighborhoods. Our goal is to place community fridges, dry food pantries, and host food drives throughout Brooklyn's marginalized areas, specifically affecting Black and Brown people. Our first fridge is located in Crown Heights and was a collaboration with Brooklyn Combine, our upcoming fridge in Flatbush will be a collaboration with Bolt Architecture. Through the process of orchestrating these events, it's our mission to amplify Black and Brown businesses and create jobs wherever possible. Additionally, we are in the planning stages of building our very own farm in Brooklyn, which will provide FREE food to all who are in need.

Audience Served

Marginalized communities -- Black and Brown people in Brooklyn, New York

Cause(s) Supported

Community & Economic Development
Health & Nutrition

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