3 Things to Keep in Mind when Measuring ERG Membership

Anisha Nandi
Anisha Nandi
Co-Founder, CEO

Have a Central Source of Truth

Measuring active membership based on Teams or Slack Channels can be unreliable. While these channels are great for day-to-day engagement, having a central source of truth on active membership beyond these channels is critical. To start, a Google Form and Google Sheet might suffice as a central repository. As your Employee Community Program grows, you might want to consider leveling-up to a platform to help manage & measure them (that's where Verbate can help)!

Consider Differentiating between Members vs. Allies

Consider differentiating between in-group members and allies. When folks first sign up to join an Employee Community, it's worth asking how they'd like to be involved. Do they want to support passively as an ally? Do they need more active support? This will help leaders know how best to serve the needs of the group and what to expect in terms of future leadership & engagement.

Be thoughtful about Visibility of Group Membership

As you begin to track active members in a central source of truth, make sure you're being intentional about who that information is visible to. Especially if members of that group may not want to be public about certain identities, it's important for those members to have agency to voice the visibility of membership lists. Create settings that respect and reflect the variability to share, not share or partially share these lists with the broader organization.

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