ERG Lead Performance Review Worksheet

Anisha Nandi
Anisha Nandi
Co-Founder, CEO

Acknowledging ERG Work In Performance Reviews

As the end of the year rolls around, a question will often come up: How do we acknowledge ERG lead work in performance reviews?

ERG lead work encompasses so many valuable skills & benefits for the company. But it's often difficult to elucidate the impact of that work to different stakeholders that may not be as closely involved in the program (i.e. middle managers, executives etc.).

This resource here can help you get started. Go ahead and use this worksheet to break down ERG lead work into a few recognizable categories across company functions (company goals, resource management, leadership development & quantitate/qualitative impact).

How to Use this Asset:

A common way we see DEIB Program Managers using this asset is to download it, share it with ERG leads who then fill it out to guide how they articulate the value of their ERG work. Once filled out, ERG leads can then use it as 'source material' to pull sections from and include in their performance review. They can also just directly attach it to a performance review if there's an option to do so.

You'll notice, we also include at ip for how to involve Exec Sponsors in the process. This is a super powerful way to amplify ERG lead work.

Download the worksheet below to help your ERG Leads demonstrate their hard work during their performance review.

To use the worksheet, you can make a copy of the Google Doc by clicking here, or download the worksheet by clicking here.

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