For the New Executive Sponsor: A Guide to ERG Engagement and Success

Anisha Nandi
Anisha Nandi
Co-Founder, CEO

What You Should Know

As a newly appointed Executive Sponsor for an Employee Resource Group (ERG), you're stepping into a vital role. ERGs are volunteer groups formed around common identities, experiences or interests and play a crucial role in promoting a positive Employee Experience within the company. Your role is to be the bridge between the ERG and the company's leadership, ensuring the group's efforts align with overall business goals and receive the support they need.

Understanding ERGs

  • Purpose and Impact: ERGs foster an inclusive work environment, support professional development, and contribute to the company's DEI goals.
  • The Opportunity for an Exec Sponsor: Being an Executive Sponsor of ERGs makes you a more empathetic and modern leader in a working world where belonging and inclusion are central components of why employees choose to work for a team / company. 

What You Should Do

  • Engage and Support: Regularly participate in ERG meetings and events, as your schedule allows. Your presence signifies leadership support, encourages wider employee participation, and elevates the ERG's visibility.
  • Advocate: Use your position to advocate for the ERG's needs and goals within the broader organizational context. Ensure the ERG has the resources it requires to succeed, including funding and access to decision-makers.
  • Align Goals: Help ERG leaders align their initiatives with the company’s strategic objectives. Sharing business insights and facilitating connections with other departments can enhance the ERG's impact.
  • Foster Development: Promote professional growth opportunities for ERG members and leaders. Encouraging training, mentoring, and networking helps build a pipeline of diverse talent within the organization.
  • Champion Inclusion: Act as a visible ally for diversity and inclusion. Your role involves not just supporting the ERG's internal activities but also advocating for inclusive policies and practices throughout the company.

Remember: Success as an ERG Executive Sponsor requires a commitment to learning, empathy, and active engagement. Your support can significantly impact the effectiveness of the ERG, enhancing its contributions to the company's culture and business goals.

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