Introduction to Intersectional ERG Efforts

Anisha Nandi
Anisha Nandi
Co-Founder, CEO

What is an Intersectional Effort?

Intersectional Efforts span across two or more ERGs and across other types of employee communities. They can help across several areas including:

  • Giving budding ERGs an example to learn from another more established group
  • Boosting engagement across multiple ERGs
  • Giving leadership more ways to get involved & see a broader impact across the company
  • Provide more touch points for members & leads more opportunities to capture feedback & track participation

Some examples of Intersectional Efforts 

  • With Native Women (Nov 30th) & Latina (Dec 8th) Equal Pay Days around the corner, Highspot’s Women’s ERG partnered with their Hispanic & Indigenous ERGs to bring awareness to the inequities around pay for different women. 
  • For the 10 year anniversary of the repeal ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,’ Netflix held an event between their Veterans & their LGTBTQ+ ERGs to discuss their experiences & perspectives.
  • For World AIDS Day on December 1, Experian's Pride ERG collaborated with our Karibu ERG (our African American and Black ERG) to spread awareness internally on the importance of this day and topic. The North America Executive Sponsors from both ERGs shared a joint communication that reflected unity and intersectionality as this topic greatly impacts both these affinity groups to this day. Their goals were to break down stigmas, share important statistics for education and awareness, and make the topic less taboo in the workplace.

Intersectional ERG Effort Checklist

As you're helping your team complete their effort, keep these considerations top of mind:

  • Have we created a space where all ERGs involved have space to voice their perspective?
  • Is there a way to share resources across this effort? (i.e. budget, physical space, time, logistics/admin work)
  • How are we dividing the planning work; have we established responsibilities across ERGs clearly?
  • Where are we capturing learnings from this shared event?
  • Have we shared this with the broader company community effectively (geographically, different functions etc.)?
  • Does leadership know about this effort? How can we involve them?
  • What collateral can we create from this event to show a 2+2=5 type of impact?

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