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Set up your ERG Leaders for success

ERG Leaders learn how to align their ERG effort with their professional development, starting with a four-week live learning cohort.

Resources & Assets

Ready-to-apply lessons & frameworks

Verbate's Community & Program uncovers the opportunities and challenges they'll face as an Employee Resource Group Leader, gathers solutions from best-in-class ERG Programs and experts actively tackling them, and breaks it all down into repeatable playbooks they can act on.

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Powerful community

Global network of ERG Leaders

Instead of solving problems alone, you'll gain access to a powerful network of Leaders who can share learnings and experience from leading the same type of group.

Every month you'll have the opportunity to attend fireside chats, collaborative workshops, and live events that will propel your ERG Leadership strategies to the next level.

Exclusive Access

Powerful insights from experts & executives

Verbate gives Leaders unique access to leaders across the professional and academic worlds who are actively building and innovating on the future of employee experience. Verbate's experts include leaders from organizations like Netflix, Harvard Business School, Udemy, BambooHR, and more.

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How It Works

When enrolling Leaders to Verbate's ERG Leadership Community, there are two pieces to know about: the Verbate Community, and the Foundational Training.

Immediately upon purchasing seats, Leaders gain access to the Verbate Community! This gives them a year's worth of access to our resource library of templates and guides, calendar of member-only events (fireside chats, workshops, networking sessions with other Leaders), and collaboration opportunities like our member forum, member directory, etc.

Soon after, they'll receive calendar invites and details for the Foundational Training cohort that they're enrolled into. After each cohort session, the recordings will be uploaded to the Verbate Community so that the Leaders can review them whenever needed. If a Leader needs to change their cohort, reach out to our team and we can easily make the change!

Cohort Kick-off Dates

When you sign up to join the Verbate Community, you'll be enrolled into one of the upcoming cohorts we're offering. If you'd like to change your cohort after enrolling, reach out to our team and we can easily make the change!
January Cohort
Jan 23rd - Feb 16th
February Cohort
Feb 20th - March 15th
April Cohort
April 9th - May 3rd
May Cohort
May 7th - May 31st
July Cohort
July 9th - Aug 2nd
September Cohort
Sept 10th - Oct 4th
October Cohort
Oct 29th - Nov 22nd
Not seeing dates that work for you or your team? Send us a note at or find time to chat.

Foundational Training Cohort Format

Verbate's Foundational Training is a 4 week, cohort-based learning program. During this cohort, Leaders learn both the fundamentals and advanced strategies needed to be a best-in-class ERG Leader. Along the way, they'll build strong relationships with other members in their cohort leading similar groups, and learn how to get the most out of the Verbate community.

Each week will include a 1 hour live-learning session, which includes workshops and breakout sessions. These sessions take place on Tuesdays at 12pm ET (9am PT). At the end of each week, Verbate's CEO Anisha Nandi will host a fireside chat + Q&A with an industry expert about an ERG-related topic related to that week's curriculum.

Week 1: Foundations for Success

October 3rd

In week one, we’ll cover the inputs for success for any ERG lead navigating the opportunity and responsibility of being an ERG leader today. We’ll provide context on what we’re seeing across the space, why this work is so important, and how to sustain momentum without burning out.

Week 2: ERG Engagement Matrix, Part 1

October 10th

In week two, we’ll dive deep on the day-to-day operations that make an ERG run smoothly, whether its managing membership, promoting your group or moderating your chat channel. We’ll provide tactical tips, frameworks and provide guidance on high-level skills such delegating tasks and drumming up consistent engagement.

Week 3: ERG Engagement Matrix, Part 2

October 17th

In week three, we’ll explore the more advanced efforts that occur less often but require ongoing effort and relationship building - like heritage month efforts, CSR partnerships, or an HR initiative. We’ll review case studies and break down skills that help you understand how to influence without authority, create long term success and find your champions.

Week 4: The Success Schema

October 24th

In the last session of our foundational training, we’ll cover a comprehensive approach to measuring ERG success across group, company, and personal dimensions. We’ll explore qualitative and quantitative methods to assess impact, promote growth, and leverage outcomes for performance reviews and professional representation.

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Who is the Verbate ERG Leadership Community built for?

The Verbate ERG Leadership Community is a leadership development experience designed specifically for ERG Leads. This program offers a unique opportunity for ERG Leads to learn best practices, develop key leadership skills, and collaborate with peers across various industries, ultimately strengthening their impact within their organizations.

How can I sign up for the program?

You can sign up for the Verbate ERG Leadership Program & Community by purchasing a seat using the table above. We recommend registering early to secure your seat, as space is limited for each cohort to ensure thoughtful collaboration and attention.

How is the program structured, and how much time is required?

The core program consists of four weekly live sessions hosted via Zoom, each lasting 60 minutes, totaling 4 hours of learning. Each session focuses on a specific topic related to ERG leadership and includes expert-led content, interactive discussions, and practical exercises. At the end of each week, Verbate also hosts an optional 45 minute deep-dive fireside chats with an expert in the space, where ERG Leads can meet one another and ask questions about their experience.

Once you've completed the core program, you become a member of the Community and gain ongoing access to bi-weekly cross-company ERG Leader meet ups, expert fireside chats, and our library of resources.

What is Verbate's ERG Lead Community of Practice?

Alongside the educational programming, Verbate hosts an asynchronous community of ERG Leaders. Community members can choose to attend optional virtual and in-person meetups, collaboration sessions, and speaker series.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost to join the Program & Community is $599 per leader. This price includes access to all the program materials and access to the community of other ERG leaders who have participated in the program. If you participate with 5 or more ERG Leaders from your organization, you may be eligible to receive a group discount.

Can my company pay for the program?

Yes, many companies offer professional development budgets for their employees. We encourage you to check with your HR or Learning & Development department to see if they can cover the cost of the program.

Here's an email you can use to justify the reimbursement of the program to your company leadership. You can present the program as an opportunity to invest in your professional development as an ERG leader, highlighting the benefits it will bring to your organization in terms of improved ERG strategy, engagement, and impact.

When is the next cohort?

If you can't join the upcoming cohort, you can join our waitlist for future cohorts. We'll announce the next cohort start date once the current cohort signup period has closed! Generally speaking, we'll have one cohort per quarter.

Can individuals from any company join the program?

Of course! The Verbate ERG Leadership Program & Community is open to ERG Leads and other relevant ERG champions from any company, regardless of size or industry.

If I'm a Program Manager, can I participate in the program?

Of course! In every cohort we tend to have a good handful of Program Managers participating, especially if its their company's first time putting Leads through. It gives Program Managers a good grasp of the frameworks their Leads may employ, as well as an understanding of the resources and content that is available to them. (Not to mention - Program Managers ought to have a strong grasp of these concepts, too!)

What happens if I'm unable to attend one of the sessions?

If you're unable to attend one of the sessions, don't worry - all of them will be recorded (excluding any of the breakout sessions) and will be accessible to the participant for later viewing.

What will happen upon the conclusion of the cohort?

Once a Leader completes the cohort, a few things happen: 1) they'll receive a certificate from Verbate that they can upload to your LinkedIn profile, 2) they'll be able to continue participating in the Community of practice to collaborate and continue learning from your peers, and 3) they'll be able to continue using all of the resources and templates they've gained access to within the Verbate platform.