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Mental Health & Burnout - Tarun Galagali, August 2023

We spoke with Tarun Galagali of Mandala about the ways that ERG Leaders can deal with the effects of workplace stress and burnout.

Here were the key takeaways:

  1. ERG Leads need to care for themselves in order to take care of their group. Many systems today aren't set up to support your individual & community needs. Taking care of yourself is critical to making progress. Intentional actions such as a 5 minute chat with a close friend or finding time for your interests can go a long way. Think about the activities that give your specific brain a break, and prioritize the time to do them.

  2. Use a feeling wheel to pinpoint your emotions - see below for an example. This can be incredibly useful for folks new to mindfulness, or someone overwhelmed by complex emotions. Identifying an emotion is critical to taking healthy next steps.

  3. Breathing exercises can be powerful throughout the day. Four counts in.... eight counts out. Do it 3 or 4 times (Tarun led a 1 minute exercise on the call!). Before a meeting, at the start of your day, in the middle of lunch - use breathing to center yourself at any time.

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