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Sustaining ERGs Amid Uncertainty - Lumumba Seegars, October 2023

In this Fireside Chat Expert Session, we bring in Professor Lumumba Seegars to discuss sustaining ERGs amid uncertainty.

Here were the key takeaways:

  1. Taking a break from your 'regularly-schedule programming' as an ERG lead to acknowledge something that your members may struggling with (i.e. RIFs, world events, etc.) is not only okay, but often necessary. Sequence time to regroup, listen and address the issues at hand - and then you can move forward from a place of understanding & empathy.
  2. Engagement can be measured on 3 key parameters: results, collaboration & individual growth/learning. While results like attendance or membership growth are great, it's not the only way to measure success. If you're struggling with low engagement, consider other ways you could be impacting your members such as individual satisfaction.
  3. Delegation is key to success as an ERG lead today. You can't do it all by yourself. Make sure you set clear expectations on how people could help you - and ask for that help! Individuals may be more willing to volunteer when they know it's not a long-term obligation. Even if it's taking one or two small tasks off of your plate, it gives them an opportunity for ownership and frees you up to think strategically as a leader.

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