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Week 4: The Success Schema

Week 4: The Success Schema

In our fourth session of the core curriculum we covered the Success Schema, which details the qualitative and quantitative ways to think about success for yourself, for your group, and for your company.

Here were the key takeaways from Session 4:

  1. Group Success focuses on the impact you've had on your group members. Giving them an opportunity to tell their story on the impact of your group can grab leaders' attention. Then, gathering data on your groups growth and survey results will help justify your continued growth.

  2. Company Success often circles around three core concepts: employee engagement, recruiting, and corporate social responsibility. Aligning your ERG's goals to these goals is a great place to start.

  3. Personal Success can be measured in a myriad of ways. The two that rise to the top are the skills you've added and the relationships you've built. During performance reviews, add your new skills to your self review, and tap into new relationships for peer reviews!

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